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About this site

Welcome to Spotting World, the home of an increasing number of Wiki Fandoms, using the Wikimedia Foundation software to make it your community. The first of these is Train Spotting World, and this has recently been joined by Plane Spotting World.

This is a very basic main page. That's because we want you to help us make it representative of your needs and of the project as a whole.

What is this part for?

This part of Spotting World is the overall umbrella, the overall home. It isn't going to hold any articles, it's the place for

  • the help system, which is still being built and with which you can help, if you like
  • all policies, processes and procedures. These are loosely based upon those at Wikipedia, and many have been downloaded from precisely equivalent pages there as a basis under the terms of the GFDL.

Policies, Guidelines, etc

While the office has overall responsibility for what may and may not happen in this group of wikis, the operation of this site is really up to each individual here and the community that builds. The office's intention is not to build a bureaucracy, but to provide a virtual place where members enjoy documenting their pastimes. Part of enjoying those pastimes is taking responsibility for building the community and creating the policies and guidelines.

Not an encyclopaedia

Spotting World is not an encyclopaedia. While an article on (say) a railway system should be factual, and absolutely not libellous, and while citing sources is ideal when they are available, original research is encouraged here. Like all research you must be prepared to defend it, usually on talk pages, and to create a great resource in the articles.

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