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This page documents a guideline, on the Spotting World family of sites, regarding:
Guidelines themselves.

Guidelines are accepted as 'appropriate' by a consensus of active editors, but are not mandatory: if found inappropriate they should be interpreted with common sense.
Guidelines are subject to change, see Guideline for further details.

A guideline, on the Spotting World family of sites, is a set of statements describing what is considered to be 'acceptable behaviour' or 'good editing practice' by users, or some other set of 'rules' that have been agreed upon to make the site work better.

A guideline is subject to change, though such changes should usually be by consensus of interested and active editors.

Guidelines are not mandatory, and should be interpreted with common sense. Subtly-different interpretations are likely on each of the Spotting World family of sites, and those should be discussed locally, within that site.

Guidelines are not intended to be policed, nor are changes to them expected to be rippled back through all articles written under a previous iteration. Unless something major changes and the consensus is to make such a change retroactive, it is assumed that no effort will be made to apply the altered guideline to all existing articles, but that new edits to those articles will consider whether it is appropriate to apply the current guideline in the normal course of editing.

Notes for administrators

Guideline pages must be:

  • located in the 'Guidelines:' pseudo-namespace.
  • identified by {{Guideline}}, which template will also apply the basic categorisation.
  • protected from editing by unregistered users